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Dr.Chumroonkiat Leelasestaporn
Incorporated with Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) [MIS & CAS]

Vejthani Cardiac Center

Cardiac and Neuroscience medical centers
This state-of-the-art Center offers accurate diagnosis and advanced treatment to the patients suffering from various diseases of heart and coronary blood vessels. Vejthani Hospital is aware of the grave situation and trend with regard to cardiac diseases at home and abroad. Therefore, Vejthani Cardiac Center was re-launched by bringing the best cardiac team in Thailand and by equipping it with latest advanced technology in order to meet the needs of cardiac patients and give them world-class cardiac services instantly.

We welcome you to our Cardiac Center where expert cardiac team and hospitable customer service and supporting staff are ready to serve you

Vejthani Cardiac Team
Cardiac Catheterization
Price List

Cardiac and Neuroscience medical centers

Vejthani hospital has opened two new medical centers, a Cardiac center and a neuroscience center, with the idea of promoting its
“two new medical phenomenon.”
The two centers are well equipped with specialists and modern technologies. Moreover, highly experienced supporting teams with high-tech equipment have also been brought into the Vejthani’s new services.

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Vejthani Endocrine Center

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Charkrit Soucksakit, CEO

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Our Cilent Testimonials

“I am recommending the Cardiac Center at Vejthani Hospital for those Bangladeshi patients who are seeking for heart treatment in Bangkok. Many thanks to Dr. Kiertijai who took very good care of me and gave me the best treatment.”
Noor Mohammed, Dhaka, Bangladesh
12th May 2008″

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