Spinal Surgery in Thailand

Spinal Surgery in Thailand

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2018)

Spinal Surgery in Thailand at Vejthani’s Orthopedic Center
Spinal surgery in Thailand goes beyond its former limits here at Vejthani Hospital�s Orthopedic Center. Our Orthopedics Clinic offers a wide range of premium service including orthopedic consultation and diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy. We make use of only the latest hi-technology medical facilities such as CT scan. All is to guarantee our patients receive the finest treatment in spinal surgery in Thailand.

Finest Spinal Surgery in Thailand: Better Care for Your Spine
The operation is done in a highly clinical, yet safe, friendly, and relaxing manner. You can rest assured to get only the best possible result because our surgeon team consists of only highly dedicated, certified orthopedic specialists. After the operation, Vejthani also offers you excellent service in rehabilitation and physiotherapy where our highly-trained staff help in every step of your therapy with the finest care.

Meet our specialists at Vejthani�s Orthopedics Clinic and get more information on spinal surgery in Thailand. Visit us today.

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