Cardiac Catheterization through the wrist (radial artery):

An easy and faster way to recovery. It is a new technique for patients who are afraid of Cardiac Catheterization through the groin area.

According to the Thailand Ministry of Public Health, cardiovascular disease is the second cause of death for non-communicable diseases, excluding accidents. Furthermore, the 2009 Survey on Health, Welfare and Food Consumption Behavior, National Statistical Office, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology found that a total of 4,044,260 patients due to a cardiovascular disease were recorded and the number is still increasing.

Dr.Punkiat Topipat , an Intervention Cardiologist in Vejthani Hospital, revealed that in the World Health Organization survey, it showed that the rate of heart diseases and deaths from heart diseases in Thailand is close to the rate of Western and other developed countries. An increase from 0.5 million in 2005 to 0.7 million in 2007 was noted. This could be related to the sedentary way of living, lack of exercise and eating of fat-rich foods as an influence by the western countries. However, some predisposing factors cannot be changed, such as but not limited to, age, gender, Diabetes Mellitus and genetic factors.

Common symptoms of a heart disease include difficulty of breathing, chest pain that is similar to a weight being pressed tightly to the chest, dizziness, sweating and tiredness. Although these symptoms are not specific for heart diseases only, it is a need that one must consult a physician once these are experienced.

If the test results show a coronary arteriosclerosis, the doctor would recommend the treatment personalized for each person, depending on the disease and health condition of the patient. Treatment of choice for CAD is Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI), it is done by inserting a balloon and stent through a catheter from the groin area into the blocked artery of the heart and expanding it to allow patent blood flow into the arteries. Also, a coronary artery bypass may be recommended if necessary.

For some patients who are afraid of cardiac catheterization by the same method to be performed in the groin artery, Vejthani Hospital offers cardiac catheterization through the wrist. Recent development in medical treatment has made a significant progress to treat patients at their convenience. Advantages to this method include shorter recovery time (4-8 hours), possible lesser number of days for admission and immediate test results. Also, patients does not have to lie still in their backs for quite a long time as compared to the cardiac catheterization through the groin, after the procedure, the patient is allowed to sit or stand up.

Dr. Topipat, concluded that heart diseases can be dangerous; it is because it can attack you when they are less expected.  He emphasized the need to know the cause, symptoms and effects of the disease. A change to a healthy lifestyle is deemed important to avoid having a heart disease; such as engaging into a regular exercise, avoidance of smoking and eating a healthy diet. However, if a heart problem is already present, then it should be treated as soon as possible. Presently, knowledge and technology can help people with cardiac problems dramatically, thus, preventing further damage to the heart and health before it is too late.

Medical School
Medical Doctor, Faculty of Medicine,Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University.
Board Certifications
Graduate Diploma of Clinical Sciences Program
Certificate of Coronary Intervention, Royal Alexandra Hospital, University of Alberta, Canada
Thai Board of General Medicine
Thai Board of Cardiology
Certificate of Coronary Intervention Fellow , University of Alberta , Canada.

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