At Vejthani Hospital , we care about your health and we will provide you the best care while making your stay as comfortable as possible.

The Vejthani Hospital staff is a team of multidisciplinary health care experts and support staff dedicated to providing you the highest quality of care. At Vejthani, all patients have access to the most advanced technology, the widest variety of services and high level of medical care.

If you are planning to visit Vejthani Hospital ,the following guidelines was designed to help you plan your visit :

Step 1 : Learn about Vejthani
Through this website we provided you with complete information about our hospital, doctors and range of services. We will try to answer your doubts and queries about why you should choose Vejthani Hospital,Thailand as your medical care destination. Find out who we are, where we are, what services we provide, and what our hospital facilities are.

Step 2 : Selecting your doctor
Vejthani Hospital with its international qualified doctors ensure that you will get the best resource in each medical specialty, to offer you the best possible treatment option with its state of the art facilities.

If you need more information about the hospital, services or payment methods, use Talk to doctor online page then well forward your request to our appropriate Vejthani medical specialist and you will receive an advice or recommendation within a few days.

Step 3 : Schedule an appointment
When you’re ready to schedule your visit at Vejthani, use the Make an appointment online page. In appointment form, there you can see the doctors schedule so that you can request what date and time you want for your visit. We will process your request and confirm your appointment through email.

Step 4 : Arrange travel
If you are traveling abroad for medical reasons for the first time, here are certain pointers to help you plan your journey better.
Ask your doctor if you are fit to travel overseas with your medical condition.
Certain medical documents must always be with you. Ensure that you carry multiple copies of the same documents and keep the original in a safe place while in abroad.
Medical Records and imaging diagnostic medical records like X-Rays, CT-Scan,MRI’s, health histories, photographs, immunization records, prescriptions, and any other health records relevant to the surgery. Dont forget to bring all of your medical reports and your medicines in your luggage.
Dont forget to bring your Imaging diagnostic medical records like X-Ray films,and CT-scan films because the doctor will going to base your diagnosis or condition through this diagnostic results.
Passport and visa: Passport is a requirement for you and to your travel companion (if any).You may or may not need a visa, depending on the country you came from.
Bring your Credit cards, debit cards and travelers checks. Bring a certain local currency, accounts – travelers checks and one or two principal credit cards. (if you have any).

You can arrange travel to Bangkok and Vejthani all by yourself, or we can help you if you want. The Map and Direction page of this website shows you where the hospital is and how to get here from the airport. We can also arrange transportation from the airport to Vejthani hospital at the competitive prices.

Vejthani has overseas offices in over 10 countries, to help arrange referrals, appointments and travel. Here is the list of our Overseas offices.

Please do not hesitate to contact us using this email: [email protected]

In addition,please feel free to contact our Call Center-24 hour service

For any queries you may contact:
Tel. : +66(0)2-7340000
Fax. : +66(0)2-7340044

The Vejthani Hospital Address :
1 Ladprao Road 111, Klong-Chan Bangkapi,Bangkok Thailand 10240