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Prime Minister Export Award 2011
�������Bangkok Thailand held its Prime Minister Export Award this year 2011.PM Export award was founded by Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun in 1992.This is the highest official award annually granted to Outstanding Thai Exporters, to showcase and acknowledge their top and high quality standard products and services. Thus aims to give importance to the country�s export goods and services with excellent quality and recognition under their known registered trademarks, brands and designs.
Prime Minister Export Award 2011

�������Vejthani Hospital was one among the awardees of the Prime Minister Export Award, for their major health care facilities and high Quality standard services. Thru this our clients will put their full trust and confidence in terms of quality health care.

Joint Commission International Accreditation

�An important indicator for Vejthani Hospital as an International Health Care provider�

�������Healthcare standard, is the first thing one have to considers before getting to a service in the hospital. When we need to go to the hospital, we often think, �Where is the best hospital for our families?�

�������To answer your question, look for a hospitals that have JCI accredited is one of the indicator for using their services. As we all know JCI Joint Commission international is concerned for the safety and quality in international is concerned for healthcare provider.

Vejthani Hospital certificate with international standard quality:

National and international Achievements of Vejthani Hospital.
Thailand Hospital Accreditation (HA) in 2007
Thailand Consumers Choice
JCI Accreditation

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