New Eligible Neuro-Spine Surgeons At Vejthani Hospital

The Spine is a wonderful anatomical entity. Its sum is far greater than its parts. Your pain has finally gotten bad enough that you’re considering spine surgery to help relieve your pain. At Vejthani Hospital you are confident enough to put all your trust in our New NEURO- SPINE Surgeons . Indeed! They are the right persons to do your Spine Surgery.

We are very proud to say that Dr. Wattana Mahattanakul, Pol.Lt.Col Dr.Supnarush Singhajaru and Dr. Chana Chongchokdee have joined the Vejthani Hospital Neuro-Spine Team of Surgeons.

Dr.Wattana Mahattanakul
is a Board Certified Neuro Spine SurgeonGraduated his Medicine at University of London and a Fellow of Surgical Neurology and Orthopedic Spinal of England and got his Masters of Advanced Surgery, Cerebrovascular surgery in Australia .His field of specialty is complex spinal surgery and cerebrovascular surgery.

Dr. Pol.Lt.Col.Dr.Sopnarush Singhajaru
is a board certified in Neurosurgery and a fellow in skull base and Neurovascular surgery of Germany and Cranial base and Spine, Barrow Neurological in USA. In 2005 he was invited as a moderator in Spine surgery and hands on Spine workshop at Police General Hospital. He was also invited as a Resource speaker in Neurosurgical Association of Thailand Updated Course. He did research publications about Surgery of Pineal Region and Infratentorial Supracerebellar Approach in the Pineal Region under Neuro- Endoscope. His Field of specialty is Neurovascular, Skull base, Spine and Neuro-Cranial-Spine Navigation system.

Dr.Chana Chongchokdee
is a board eligible in Neuro Spine Surgery He graduated in Neurosurgery at Prasat Neurological Institute. He undergoes a lot of training specific to spine surgery.

Vejthani Spine Center makes use of only the latest hi-technology medical facilities. All is to guarantee our patients receive the finest treatment in Spine surgery in Thailand. Indeed the role our 3 new eligible Neuro-Spine Surgeons in Vejthani Hospital is to educate you and assist with the decision-making process providing you with information about your full range of options, and explaining what is technically peculiar possibilities , the complications of the procedure and of course its potential benefits. Therefore, it’s very important that you select a surgeon who is helpful in providing you the information you need to decide whether or not to proceed with surgery.

Indeed!Spine surgery is absolutely essential. You are the only one who knows how bad your pain is, and the decision to proceed with surgery is absolutely your decision.

The specialized skills and experience that these 3 New Neuro-Spine Surgeon brings will provide you with easy access and service. Our range of services has been growing quickly and it is important that we continue to provide you with the service and attention that you require.