“An important indicator for Vejthani Hospital as an International Health Care provider”
        Healthcare standard is the first thing one have to consider before getting to a service in the hospital. When we need to go to the hospital, we often think, “Where is the best hospital for our families?”
        To answer your question, look for a hospital that has Joint Commission International Accreditation ,this is one of the best indicators in using their services. As we all know Joint Commission international is concerned for the safety and quality of clients given by healthcare provider.
Quality Journey of Vejthani Hospital
What is JCI?
        JCI has been accrediting health care organizations since 1999-2009 marked the tenth anniversary of the first hospital accredited by JCI, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, a private, non-profit, non-governmental facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Since then, approximately 450 public and private health care organizations in 50 countries have been accredited or certified by JCI. JCI provides accreditation for hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, clinical laboratories, care continuum services, home care and long term care organizations, medical transport organizations, and primary care services, as well as certification for 15 types of clinical care programs. JCI standards were developed by international health care experts and set uniform, achievable expectations.
        Their focus is on improving the safety of patient care through the provision of accreditation and certification services as well as through advisory and educational services aimed at helping organizations implement practical and sustainable solutions.
Vejthani Hospital   As a JCI Accredited Hospital
        Through JCI accreditation and certification, health care organizations have access to a variety of resources and services that connect them with the international community: an international quality measurement system for benchmarking; risk reduction strategies and best practices; tactics to reduce adverse events, and the annual Executive Briefing Programs. (www.jointcommissioninternational.org
The JCI Advantage
  • JCI is a recognized world leader in health care quality and patient safety. Our consultants and surveyors are highly trained clinicians and advocates for patient safety
  • Our focus is on health care quality improvement and patient safety with expertise in infection control, medication safety, facility safety, and accreditation preparation
  • JCI's standards were developed by health care experts from around the world and were tested in every world region
  • JCI's accreditation decisions are made by an international committee of health care experts
  • JCI Advisory Councils in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific are made up of health care leaders who provide guidance on key patient safety and quality issues. (www.jointcommissioninternational.org)
Vejthani Hospital:  Benefits of JCI accreditation and certification:
  • Improve public trust as an organization that values quality and patient safety
  • Involve patients and their families as partners in the care process
  • Build a culture open to learning from adverse events and safety concerns
  • Ensure a safe and efficient work environment that contributes to staff satisfaction
  • Establish collaborative leadership that strives for excellence in quality and patient safety
  • Understand how to continuously improve clinical care processes and outcomes (www.jointcommissioninternational.org)
        Professor Emeritus Teerachai  Chantorajsiri, chieF Executive office Advisor said that JCI (Joint Commission international) is an independent, non-profitable organization. The mission of JCI is to continuously improve the safety and quality of care in international standard.
        Nowadays, more than 300 publics and privates health care organization in 39 countries have been accredited by JCI.  In Thailand Vejthani Hospital has already received accreditation.
 How is JCI accreditation advantageous for the patient when they come to the hospital?
        JCI work closely with many organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO), Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), Institute for Safe medication Practices (ISMP), and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA),   in order to promote and quality in international standard of healthcare.
        The focus of JCI is on improving the healthcare system based on quality and safety to the patient’s right in order to receive the information about the disease or disorder and what they have to do while they are on the process of getting the best treatment regimen. Moreover,  JCI are also focus on the Organizational Management, Leadership and good governance, the system of Emergency Care, Information Technology, Human Resources development and organization cultures.
        JCI has refined the hospital accreditation survey process with the approval of
Six International Patient Safety Goals (IPSGs):
Goal 1: Identify Patients Correctly
Goal 2: Improve Effective Communication
Goal 3: Improve the Safety of High-alert Medications
Goal 4: Eliminate Wrong-site, Wrong-patient, Wrong-procedure Surgery
Goal 5: Reduce the Risk of Health Care-acquired Infections
Goal  6: Reduce the Risk of Patient Harm Resulting from Fall
JCI (Joint Commission International) in Thailand is an international accreditation granted to those health care providers whose medical treatment and service is of top standard.
Joint Commission International (JCI) in Thailand

Joint Commission International :  An important indication for Vejthani Hospital as an International Health Care provider
        At Vejthani Hospital, we target on JCI standard and consider to following the standard as an important concept that contributes to the successful treatment and patient care. Vejthani Hospital follows the International Standards of JCI, with standard treatment plan, expert doctors and nurses as well as modern equipment. We are able to provide the best care to the patients as if they were our own families.
        For the past 17 years our patients both local and international all over the world who have experienced with Vejthani Hospital shows appreciation to our medical services that we have been provided is ranking at the top level that they can perceived.
        Vejthani Hospital’s goal is to “Provide safety, quality and efficient medical services.”
        We at Vejthani Hospital are delighted to announce our latest feat for achieving Joint Commission International (JCI) in Thailand. Indeed our achievement will remarkably signify that our excellent medical treatment and magnificent service are second to none.
  Thailand Consumers Choice,
Thailand Consumers Choice, in short CC, is a well known brand.  Recognition by CC is a measure of success for any brand because it means that the brand can be relied on.  They approve brands based on research by an independent organization under the management of Asian Integrated Media Co. Ltd. CC is now widely recognized in Asia Pacific and in Europe.Vejthani Hospital has recently been recognized by Consumers Choice for its quality in the field of Medical Services so people can have confidence in the quality of its clinical services and the care provided by its staff.
Vejthani Hospital is the leading international hospital in Thailand serving both native and foreign patients with optimal care.
With our certified specialists and experienced staff together with hi-tech apparatus, we pride ourselves as an expert in superior medical treatment and superfine medical service. As the absolute international hospital in Thailand , we strive to present you a complete range of quality medical services including Stem Cells Research and Treatments , Bone Marrow Transplantation , Knee Replacement , Birmingham Hip Resurfacing , Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) , Limb Lengthening and Height Increase Operation , In vitro fertilization ( IVF and ICSI ), Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery , Open Heart Surgery and others
Prime Minister Export Award 2011
Bangkok Thailand held its Prime Minister Export Award this year 2011.PM Export award was founded by Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun in 1992.This is the highest official award annually granted to Outstanding Thai Exporters, to showcase and acknowledge their top and high quality standard products and services. Thus aims to give importance to the country’s export goods and services with excellent quality and recognition under their known registered trademarks, brands and designs.

Vejthani Hospital was one among the awardees of the Prime Minister Export Award, for their major health care facilities and high Quality standard services. Thru this our clients will put their full trust and confidence in terms of quality health care.
Prime Minister Export Award 2011
  Thailand Consumers Choice,

Thailand Consumers Choice, known as CC, is a well-known brand. Any brand recognized by CC is a measure of success for it means that their goods and services can be relied on .This particular field is based on the data of Research organization  which are  under the Management of Asian Integrated Media Co.Ltd.CC  has been  widely recognized in Asia Pacific and Europe. Vejthani Hospital has been confirmed by Consumers Choice Award for its Major health care facilities, where public trust and confidence in their Quality of service achieved.



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