Leading facilities in treating, and diagnosing by using different kinds of medicine to cure varieties of diseases only in internal medicine clinic and hospital.

At Vejthani hospital, we have our leading facilities and laboratory to develop and cultivate the best quality of medicine treatment to our patients. We offer the full potential of services in treating and diagnosing as well as, reinforcing the maximum prevention of the diseases. At our internal medicine clinic and hospital, we also provide excellent services with premium care and highly professional performance. Our facilities are designed to be thoughtful and beneficial accommodation for our patients who are diagnosed with diseases and require the usage of different medicines

intensive prevention, diagnosis, and treatment to different diseases the patients encountered at internal medicine clinics and hospitals center. Varieties of medical services offering to specific types of disease in internal medicine clinics and hospitals center, Vejthani hospital.

Our distinguished facilities and first-hand expertise, we are delightful to offer you accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment to specific types of diseases in the internal medicine field. In our internal medicine clinic and hospital, provides and delivers varieties of medication and therapeutic services for the growing needs of patients diagnose with diseases. We offer full range of services such as endocrinology, hematology, oncology, infectious, nephrology, neurology, pulmonology, rheumatology, cardiology, and internal medicine. At our clinic, we are specialized for these aforementioned diseases, and brought about the effective medication treatment and accurate diagnosis to these diseases.

At Vejthani hospital, we are gladly to provide you intensive care on effective treatment as well as accurate diagnosis on different types of diseases. Our facilities consist of excellent examination rooms, x-ray rooms, treatment rooms, therapeutic rooms, along with highly-advanced technological machines. Our services provide for patients diagnosis with varieties of diseases, are joints and connective tissues diseases, endocrine disorders, hematological diseases, cancer, heart diseases and hypertension, gastrointestinal and liver diseases, Infectious diseases, nephrological diseases, respiratory and lungs diseases, neurological diseases. With our excellent medical team, we are specialize of the medication treatment and concrete diagnosis to the diseases mentioned above. Accordingly, we produce greater result in internal medication treating and pr?cised diagnosis on the diseases as well as the process of disease prevention, only at our center of internal medicine clinic and hospital. Let us serve you world-class premium internal medication to suits your needs in treating the diseases.

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Thailand Consumers Choice, known as CC, is a well-known brand. Any brand recognized by CC is a measure of success for it means that their goods and services can be relied on .This particular field is based on the data of Research organization  which are  under the Management of Asian Integrated Media Co.Ltd.CC  has been  widely recognized in Asia Pacific and Europe. Vejthani Hospital has been confirmed by Consumers Choice Award for its Major health care facilities, where public trust and confidence in their Quality of service achieved.



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