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Eyelid Surgery Bangkok Thailand

For traditional lower eyelid surgery, an incision is made just beneath the lash line. Excess fat, muscle and skin are removed. Fine sutures are used to close the incision. Permanent stitches will be removed 3-5 days after the procedure

If you have a pocket of fat beneath your lower eyelids, but do not need to have any loose skin removed, your surgeon may recommend a transconjunctival blepharoplasty. In this procedure the incision is made inside your lower eyelid, leaving no visible scar. It is usually performed on younger patients with fatty lower eyelids. Transconjunctival blepharoplasty does not tighten the skin, reduces the puffiness in the lower eyelid region.

Eyelid Surgery Bangkok Thailand : Results

This eyelid surgery will make eyes look brighter, larger, and more rested by removing loose skin, stretched muscle, and excess fat. In some people this procedure will improve vision by removing the excessive skin of the upper eyelids which can hang down and interfere with peripheral vision. Eyes will look more youthful. The surgery of lower eyelids should smooth out bulges, take away fat bags from under eyes, and make the skin snugger. One will look rested, and people will see your face instead of focusing on your unsightly lower lids. The eyelid surgery results tend to be long lasting. It is most common to have this surgery between ages 38 and 50.

Eyelid Surgery Bangkok Thailand : Duration of Operation

Half hour to one hour

Eyelid Surgery Bangkok Thailand : Possible Risks and Complications

The risks and complications of eyelid surgery may include but there are not limited to bleeding, infection, scarring, dry eye problems, asymmetry, difficulty closing the eyes, pulling down of the lower lids, allergic reactions, eyelash hair loss, delayed healing, risks and complications associated with anesthesia and in rare instances blindness. Keep in mind that although complications can occur but they are rare.

Risks and complications of eyelid surgery are best discussed at the time of your consultation. Smoker has a greater risk of pulmonary and wound healing compactions.

Eyelid Surgery Bangkok Thailand : Side Effects

The severity and duration of such side effects of eyelid surgery may vary, especially if another cosmetic procedure was performed at the same time.

Eyelid Surgery Bangkok Thailand : After Care

The first evening after eyelid surgery, you should rest quietly with your head elevated. It will help to apply cold compresses to your eyelids. (Avoid any compress heavier than one ounce. A Ziploc bag with a few frozen peas works well.) Your blood pressure should be monitored to avoid bleeding complications that can affect vision. And, although you can be up almost immediately, you should limit your activities.

Eyelid Surgery Bangkok Thailand : Recovery Time

At first the incisions will probably be red and somewhat bumpy. Eventually, the resulting scar should become flat and inconspicuous. Your sutures (stitches) will be removed sometime within the first week.

The swelling and discoloration around your eyes will gradually subside, and you'll start to look and feel better each day. Swelling and bruising varies considerably from person to person. Bruising typically disappears within seven to ten days. Within the first week you will be permitted to use makeup, if desired, to conceal any discoloration.

Your vision may continue to be somewhat blurry for a few days or longer. Your eyes may be temporarily sensitive to light, and you may experience excess tearing or dryness. You may receive eyedroppers to help relieve any burning or itching.

Permanent stitches will be removed 3-5 days after surgery. Most people are back to work within one to two weeks.

Eyelid Surgery Bangkok Thailand : Hospital Admission

This depends on your preferences as well as your surgeon's. Upper eyelid surgery can be performed on an out patient basis, in the hospital, or in an ambulatory surgical suite under either general or local anesthesia.

Eyelid Surgery Bangkok Thailand : Anesthetic

General or Local Anesthesia

General anesthesia (you are asleep) or local with sedation (Neuroleptic anesthesia)

Eyelid Surgery Bangkok Thailand : Post Operative Care

For the first week, youll need to avoid activities that dry the eyes, including reading, watching television, wearing contacts, and using a computer. Also avoid excessive blinking, which leads to increased swelling. You should also wear dark sunglasses for a couple of weeks to protect your eyes from wind and sun irritation. The eyes may tire easily for several weeks; frequent naps are helpful.

For the first three or four weeks, you should avoid any activity that increases blood flow to the eyes, including bending, lifting, crying and sports. Your surgeon will let you know when you are ready for exercise. Also avoid drinking alcohol, which can lead to fluid retention and delay recovery.

- Able to fly back home after seven days.

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