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Our dedicated and seasoned Physicians at Vejthani Hospital is indeed are our greatest assets, committed exclusively to providing you with quality patient care. Our medical and surgical doctors are well experienced and expert in their field of specialty, each with the level of proficiency and International recognition. With their long-term of experience surely will make your experience a grateful one.

At Vejthani Hospital , we are serving the confirmed quality of our surgical and medical services provided only for our patients who are in need of our service. Testimonials from different patients are the assurance of our credible and high performance convincing the most effective medical and surgical treatment, accurate analysis, as well as highly qualified result.

Visit Vejthani Hospital and get further information and advice from our certified physicians our high standard of medical and surgical procedure will surely meet your expectations and satisfaction. So keep your eyes on this site and use our “ Make an appointment ” online page and select the doctor of your own choice. If you want more information about any procedures, payment methods and any concerns, please use our
Talk to doctor ” online page, then we will forward your request to an appropriate Vejthani specialist and you will receive an advice within a few days.


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