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Vejthani Home Care (VHC)

Live comfortably with Vejthani Hospital’s newest offer on home health care. 
Vejthani Home Care (VHC) grants the next level of taking care of patients at the convenience of their own home. We care enough to let patients stay at their own home with our special nurses taking good care of their health and our Home Care Specialists to monitor the patient’s health periodically. VHC provides the following benefits:

  • We help promote faster recovery.
  • We also help prevent premature admission to long term care.
  • We maximize your chances of living independently.
  • We provide improved patient and family satisfaction.
  • We offer an alternative to the trauma of emergency admission.
  • We provide swift response times.
  • We offer patients the choice to be cared for at their homes.
  • We have nurses that check in periodically and provide quality care on a fulltime basis at home.
  • We have a physical therapy team with good experience.
  • We also provide equipment to enhance your life back to normal faster as well.
Because there is no place like home, Vejthani Home Care will make it happen.



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